Mission Statement

To support projects that make a difference in the cultural, educational and social  development of the Ukrainian community.






For over 50 years, Zorianna and Eugene Hyworon have been actively involved in cultural, educational, community, industry and professional organizations.  In this work, they have experienced the challenges of shaping common dreams into reality, supporting artists, youth, church and community projects locally, nationally and internationally.  They know that vision, leadership, volunteerism and hard work, although essential are not always sufficient for project success and particularly so when long term and sustained impact is the goal. Financial support that can leverage the hard work and commitment of volunteers, artists and community workers can make a difference.

Their sons, Demyan and Darius have continued the family commitment to the community, working with children, youth and community organizations in Canada and Ukraine.  Their wives, Daria and Mariah, have brought to our family their own personal commitment to community service and international development.

In establishing the Hyworon Family Foundation, Zorianna and Eugene wanted to create a sustainable source of financial support that can make that difference, today and into the future.
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